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What Clients Have to Say

When you’re an artist and you work on a computer, your muscles suffer. Finding a good massage therapist to make me feel better has been a must! Tia is phenomenal at making sure I feel 100% better after each massage!


Randi North

Wardrobe stylist

I'm  incredibly thankful to have met Tia nearly 20 years ago. Our client/provider relationship has lasted longer then some unions, and that is in no small part thanks to Tia’s passion for massage therapy and her commitment to her clients. I could truly go on and on at length about why she is the BEST! From her desire to constantly grow and learn within her field, to her dedication to you specifically, Tia remembers the littlest things, like the scent you told her you really enjoyed from last time to the type of music you prefer. 


Over the years Tia’s approach to my massage therapy needs has evolved and grown.  As my massage needs changed Tia readily changed tactics and provided me with the best therapy. From her obvious determination to provide top notch service Tia is why she is my absolute fav! Simply put, you will not experience a better massage.


Shannon W. 

NCA Photographer

I tell my husband when I'm going to get my massage from Tia that I am going to see my miracle maker.

Katy L.


Tia has been coming to our house twice a month for about 16 years now. My wife and I travel a lot and I believe Tia is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had.

Paul B.

Vice-President Merrill Lynch, Southern Division

I love Tia's massages, especially her aromatherapy massages. I always feel fabulous afterwards. I work long hours and when I get some free time, I have made getting massages a priority. I have sent several family members to her and they were just as happy.

Dr. Melodie C.

General Surgeon

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