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For actors

benefits of massage

Helps actors remember lines 

Helps cast/staff stay healthy

Helps cast/staff stay “fresh” on set for long shoot days 

Helps increase flexibility and range of motion for physically demanding scenes 

Helps with work morale by reducing stress and lowering anxiety 

Helps reduce muscle pain immediately for an actor/stunt crew/camera crew


benefits of an on-site massage therapist

With all the people, busyness, time demands, etc. on movie sets, an on-set massage for the cast and crew right when they need it can seriously enhance morale and focus on a production.  

Just a 15-minute shoulder/neck massage will reduce stress and clear the mind. 

Just 15-20 minutes of Trigger Point and Hypervolt massaging gun therapy will bring immediate muscle pain relief & increase flexibility and range of motion.


why work with me

  •  I am the best at what I do. 

  • You & your crew will receive upscale, professional service. 

  • I can be available from call time until wrap/just after wrap. 

  • I can be available any time a client needs massage when off set. 

pricing & packages

  • Custom packages to meet your needs  

  • Packages can be inclusive of all cast/crew or exclusive to several people, or just an actor. 

  • Rates can be based on per hour, ½ day, full day, or project.


25+ years of experience

During my first couple of years as a massage therapist, I had a client named Lee. His job was to help corporations anywhere in the country who were having trouble. He would find a massage therapist and get massaged every other week during the entire time he was in a city on a job assignment. He hired me while he was working in Dallas. 

Lee told me he did this because his job was so stressful and his responsibility so great, that massage therapy was what helped him do his job better. He said that regular massages kept his stress down and helped him work through the company’s issues. Quite often he would be stumped on something at work, but during his massage the answer would come to him because massage relaxed his mind and body so much. 

a blonde walks in...and gives you the best massage of your life
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